Refrigerating and cooling plants

SEABERG s.r.o. offers the storage in the refrigerating and cooling plants in Příšovice.
The stores have a convenient location near the E10 motorway between Prague and Liberec in the village Příšovice, which is located 70 km from Prague in Liberec region.

This industrial area offers not only refrigerating plants, but also cooling plants with controlled temperature. Our stores have the veterinary certificate to store frozen food No. CZ 51960045. The freezing temperature is -18 ° C, or different according to specific client requirements. Is it possible to freeze many types of products (frozen food products, chilled products, non-food products, fruits, vegetables etc.).
The stores offer both racking and block system, the possibility of storing EURO pallets or non-standard pallets, complete warehouse service (unloading / loading of goods), storage, sorting goods according to customer needs, picking goods on pallets, assembling pallets, keeping stock records on PC and data for inventory.
Warehouses are equipped with the handling equipment and specialized personnel. The manipulation is carried out by forklift trucks or manually if needed.

The capacity is 2100 m2, 9500 m3 in 7 halls.

Towards our commercial partners we promote the individual accesss. We are in a contact with several carriers in case of the delivery demand.